Smacking children – tips and tricks!

Smacking your child means that you have lost control. There is no reason that a child should be smacked – we need to teach children that violence is not the answer.  If your little one got into trouble in school for smacking another pupil and, perhaps got sent home for this behavior, then a very conflicting message is being given.  Could you discipline your child for this, knowing that this is a learned behaviour? What would the school say if your child told them that you smack them?

I remember threatening to smack my eldest daughter when she was about 5 years old. I said to her ‘if you don’t stop what you are doing, I am going to smack your bottom’ – she looked at me curiously and her exact words were ‘what would that teach me?’. I had to actually stop and think about it. I didn’t even have a reply. She is 12 now and we still laugh about that day!

Children are hard work..

Children manage to test our boundaries repeatedly – this is what they do! They love to see how far they can push us. Every child is different and not all children will do this, however, there are many that do. I do believe that the naughtier the child, the more positive attention they need and you will see excellent results if you can take the time to sit back and think about how you can approach the situation. Mum knows best!

I was smacked as a child and it didn’t harm me..

This is a common argument. Perhaps it didn’t harm you, but as an adult, it is actually difficult to accurately reflect on your childhood. We know better now. Children are vulnerable. We need to attempt to analyze their behavior and work out what it is that is making them feel upset within themselves.

What are your thoughts?

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