Should You Limit How Much You Spend On Your Kids At Christmas?

One of the biggest questions on parents lips right now – should we limit how much we spend on the kids at Christmas?


Let me get this straight. It started off with parents who couldn’t afford as much as other parents, asking those higher earners to not spend as much on their children. This is so that their kids don’t get jealous and feel like Santa doesn’t like them as much.


A totally valid point in my eyes. However, I’m pretty torn because why should others dictate how much I spend on my child? I’ve worked hard for the money I’ve got to spend on my children! So, how can we make a viable solution so that what’s most important here, is that the children don’t feel like they’re missing out or that Santa didn’t deliver to them?

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Quite simple really…


As a child, even though I believed in Santa, I always knew that all of the gifts I received were from my parents (or grandparents, aunties, uncles, etc), so why are children lead to believe that Santa decides what each child gets? Even my child of 7 knows that his gifts come from me and my partner, but what he believes is that Santa delivers them (as long as he’s good, of course). Here’s a little solution that I think maybe all of us might be able to get on board with!


Rather than leading our children to think that Santa makes the gifts and decides who gets what, why not teach them that you are in fact, the ones buying the gifts and that Santa delivers them? Perhaps to keep the magic alive you could mark a present or two from Santa?


I fully understand that some people really can’t afford to buy much for their children at Christmas, but let’s face it, Christmas is all about the kids! So, rather than arguing about whether or not you should let others dictate how much you spend, why not teach your children that their gifts come from you. Not only does it allow your children to appreciate what they receive, but it also teaches the value of money too.


I’m also not dense enough to believe that everyone is going to agree with my point of view. However, it’s something to think about!


What are your views on limiting spending at Christmas? Let us know below!



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