Pros And Cons Of Being A Mum

Thanks to social media, we see tonnes of posts about the good sides and the downsides of being a Mum. While every single one of us leads their lives differently, it’s a subject that we can all come together on and have a good giggle about. So in honor of this, we’ve come up with a fabulous list on the pros and cons of being a Mum!

Photo by Alicia Petresc on Unsplash


  • The cuddles. Not one single one of us can deny that no matter what mood we’re in, who’s pissed on our bonfire that day, or how naughty the children have been, having cuddles from your little darlings is just the most amazing feeling in the world.
  • Seeing your children achieve something they’ve been working hard on. Whether it’s a dance routine, scoring a goal at football, or even completing the puzzle they’ve been working on for a week, being able to praise your child on something they are proud about is incredible.
  • You can park closer to the supermarket!
  • You have an excuse to get out of things. “Sorry, I can’t because the kids need to be in bed” – winner fucking winner.
  • Sex isn’t something you have to think of an excuse to get out of. Kids stop it completely.
  • You finally understand the love you feel as a parent. It’s like no other and compares to no other.
  • Kids are honest as fuck. Let’s face it, if you’re in Morrisons having a shit, EVERYONE will know about it. Also works well for bogies and messy hair.
  • Disney films.
  • You get to drive a minivan (is this a pro?!)
  • Chicken nuggets are pretty much always on the menu.
  • Their teeny tiny socks.
  • The feeling you get when they’re (FINALLY) asleep and you cannot explain how much you love them. Shh, don’t wake them!
  • You have a tiny version of yourself to laugh at. A personal favourite pro of mine is giggling at my son when he’s being a bit of a knobhead.
  • Hearing your child tell you they love you. My heart breaks every single fucking time.

Photo by Tina Floersch on Unsplash


  • The washing. OH, the washing!!!
  • Vomit.
  • Kids are honest as fuck (we have a few that will appear on both lists)
  • Sleep – I’m sorry, what?
  • You realise your parents were right about quite a lot.
  • Pee breaks are now an occasion that needs an audience…apparently.
  • You will worry about your parenting skills for the REST. OF. YOUR. LIFE
  • You will feel guilty for spending more than a penny on yourself – HOW DARE YOU?!
  • You HAVE to drive a minivan. Well, when you’ve got enough kids anyway.
  • You will always have someone talking at you. Gone are the days of silence.
  • They grow up way too fast

Let’s face it, even with both pros and cons, you wouldn’t change it for the world. Part of being a parent is being able to admit when something isn’t right and when something annoys you because if you don’t, it will drive you batshit crazy. After all is said and done, we love our children with all of our hearts!

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