If You Have An Abortion, You’re A Bad Person

Why is having an abortion such a horrible thing?

There are many reasons for a woman to choose to have an abortion, and although there are some women around the world who were probably just a little careless, many of us have genuine reasons for wanting to have one.

I do agree with abortion for those that have experienced rape. Their lives have already been traumatic enough, and bringing a child into the world that way may not be the right thing for them. Think about whether you would want to bring a life into a world from someone that hurt you so badly. If that’s something you’d be able to do then I take my hat off to you, but try and remember that some people wouldn’t be able to face it.

Domestic violence is another reason for wanting to have an abortion. If your fella is whacking you about you’re not going to want to put a baby through that too. Also if you’re in a violent relationship and you have a child, if social services found out for any reason that you were unable to safeguard the child then you’d either have supervised contact with them or your child could even be removed from you. Unless of course, you’re strong enough to get out of that relationship and start new with your baby, then abortion in your situation is totally understandable. For more information on domestic abuse, visit their website and keep yourself safe.

Unfortunately, some of us suffer from illnesses that would prevent us from being able to take care of a child on our own. Another valid reason for getting an abortion. Let’s face it if you bring that child into this world and aren’t able to look after it, which one is more unfair? You have to think of the child’s quality of life as well as how you would cope with a new life within your household.

Lack of money is also another valid reason for an abortion. Kind of going on from my last point, if you’re going to be struggling to even put food on the table, that’s not fair on the child. Even though in the UK there is help available if you have other children already that ‘help’ might not make any difference and then all of you would end up struggling. The law has currently changed as well – there is no more help from Tax Credits or Child Benefit if you have more than two children. So affordability has now become a serious consideration when it comes to giving birth.


Having other issues in your life that make you feel like you couldn’t cope with a child may also be another reason for an abortion. Having current children who are disabled and take up much of your time; therefore you wouldn’t be able to cope with another child.

Another reason might be that you feel you’re too young to have a baby (not that age should be an issue) so you decide not to bring life into this world.

There are thousands of reasons, and everybody’s reason is different.

I understand why some people are so against abortion too. It is still a life inside of you, but please try and open your minds and see that not all abortions are due to the fact that they didn’t take any precautions. Condoms split, the pill can fail and so can all of the other methods of contraception. Nothing is ever 100% foolproof and we need to remember that.

Believe me, it’s fucking hard for many of the people that choose to have an abortion because as much as they’d like to have a baby, it wouldn’t be right for them or fair to the baby and it’s a heartbreaking decision to have to make.

There is always going to controversy about this topic, and personally, in my situation, I wouldn’t have an abortion. BUT I don’t judge people that do decide to have one because I don’t know what they’re going through. Let’s try and end this madness and stop fighting a battle where we don’t know the person’s full situation.

If this is a decision you’re struggling with, visit the national abortion website that will answer any queries you may have. Remember, if you don’t want to bring a life into this world, try to take the best precautions to prevent you from being in a situation where you have to make a decision.

What are your views on the situation?

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