How To Calm An Anxious Mind And Relax

Anxiety is a major form of stress and upset to many people. It can affect you mildly or it can affect you severely, the only difference in how it affects you is how you can manage it. Something that you should take comfort in, however, is that you are not alone. You are not going mad. You are not going to die. You can control it.

Sometimes anxiety can be caused by simple things, such as a lack of Vitamin D.  Here in the UK we suffer from a major lack of sunlight (about 3 weeks a year, right?!) and this is what contributes to low levels of Vitamin D. The good news is, you can always take a supplement.

Some people find that they only feel like this in the winter months and this is called Seasonal Affective Disorder  – they often choose to use a SAD lamp for the winter months as they are proven to help promote Vitamin D.


It usually takes a couple of weeks for you to see an improvement, but stick with it. If you feel anxious or stressed and perhaps unusually tired and unmotivated, the first thing you should consider is requesting a blood count to include vitamins and minerals. Your GP will do this upon your request.


Caffeine is another contributor to feeling anxious, unfortunately. Some people are more caffeine sensitive than others, but caffeine is a central nervous stimulant so that is something to consider. Try switching to water or herbal tea’s for just a short while to see if you can see any improvement – beware though, you may get mild headaches from the withdrawal.

Alcohol is a wonderful way to ease anxiety, however, it comes with a price! The next day your blood sugars start to decrease and the anxiety starts to kick in – also known as the ‘beer fear’. People prone to anxiety need to take this into account and ideally, cut out alcohol completely for a short time.

Dehydration! If you don’t get enough fluids during the day, you leave yourself at risk of feeling anxious and exhausted. If you feel the anxiety starting to creep in from nowhere, have a large glass of water and see how you feel within about 10 minutes.



Clutter! If your house is disorganised and messy and you feel like you just can’t face it.. fight it head on! Turn the volume up full blast on your ‘phone/CD player/radio/TV and blitz it! Bin bag what you don’t need – throw it! Get the kids to help! Distraction is a MASSIVE way of keeping anxiety at bay and also, burning off restless energy!

Relaxing in a tidy home that smells great.. is a huge stress reliever!

Taking on too much!? Always saying ‘yes’ to people, offering to help them out when they need it.. yet neglecting your own needs? Tell them to FUCK. OFF! Say NO! You need to put yourself first! Ignore the ‘phone, ignore the texts! (Don’t ignore whatsapp. Uninstall it. Bitches know when you’re ignoring your whatsapps!)

KIDS! Aarrrrghhhh! Those little imps know just how to push our buttons! There’s nothing wrong with leaving them on the sofa watching TV for an hour or two with a bit of Peppa Pig (well, that’s if you don’t mind your toddler turning into a complete arsehole after about 3 episodes) or for the older kids, tell them to look for their Christmas presents and write a list – early! Kids love that shit! It will keep them amused for ages whilst you take a nice relaxing bath…

… make time for YOU!


Bach Rescue Remedy! You just spray it on your tongue for a soothing herbal rescue. Keep it in your handbag or even just your pocket – very helpful when you are taking a driving test or an exam. Or just generally having a bad day!

Chamomile teabags – especially useful at times of high anxiety. Perfect at bedtime, but some people say you shouldn’t have more than 4 cups of this relaxing tea a day.

Lavender and Chamomile essential oil – combine these two relaxing oils and dab a little on your wrist or behind your ears. Never underestimate the power of essential oils for relaxation. If you can manage to get away for an aromatherapy massage – do it! Huge stress reliever!

This short article has only touched on ways to help anxiety, we will be writing more. Please leave a comment if you have found any ways of dealing with it and let us know what helps you.

Thank you for reading.

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