Does the CBD market confuse you? Read this first!

A few months ago I became quite ill with various things and was pretty much laid up for several months. I tried the usual vitamins and minerals and really noticed a difference but in desperation I purchased a bottle of CBD Brothers White Oil. I wouldn’t say that I was sceptical to begin with but I was mindful about the amount of adverts and companies selling the stuff –  it was very hard to work out which products actually worked and were highly recommended, from a sales pitch!

After much deliberation and hours of reading reviews on Trust Pilot and other sites, I purchased this bottle of oil. I chose the White Oil as I read that Indica is quite relaxing when compared with the Sativa products. This does depend on the individual of course, and their endocannabinoid system. You need to do your own research and it can be trial and error.  I got lucky with my first purchase. 

CBD Oil was something that I had been considering for quite some time, however, I was put off with so many choices and from reading negative opinions online about CBD in general. CBD Brothers were actually the only brand that had consistently good reviews and after watching a few Youtube video reviews I felt confident in my choice. 

It arrived the next day! Well packaged and in a neat little presentation box. It felt quality. There are stamps on the bottles which confirm that it meets the Government THC content requirement (perfectly legal). 

The bottle was great, I had no issues with the dropper or leakage and even when it had fallen off my table and rolled under my bed, it still didn’t leak. Thankfully!

So I started with two drops at bed time. I waited.. and waited.. then forgot that I had taken it! I half expected to feel “something” after reading other peoples reviews on it, but the only thing I felt was nicely relaxed. It’s quite hard to explain, I just didn’t feel stressed and wasn’t really thinking about anything. It was only after a while that I noticed that my mind was quite quiet – does that make sense?!

I have to add that it has a really earthy taste but you just drop them under your tongue and wait for a couple of minutes and then wash down with a drink. I always just went for water as the taste isn’t great but it isn’t too unpleasant. Certainly not enough to stop me from using it daily.

This became my nightly routine until I ran out of drops.

And then I realised

I started to feel stressed again and little things were bothering me. I’d managed to go from feeling calm and relaxed to irritable within about a week. I was struggling to sleep again and my routine was thrown out. I was staying up late then struggling to wake the next morning and just didn’t feel like I was getting a good nights sleep.  I’d become lax with my vitamins so started to take those again but then I remembered that I hadn’t had any CBD and I genuinely felt that this was the issue. 

I ordered another bottle of Oil. Within days, I was back to feeling relaxed again and getting to sleep earlier. I could think clearly! 

The differences in mood were so subtle and the pain levels, whilst they didn’t decrease massively, were less. It takes the edge off any pain you are in and definitely reduced the amount of pain killers required. What really surprised me was that I only noticed the benefits when I had stopped using it. So for that reason, I know it is the CBD and I know that I will keep using it. 

I have to add that I am not being paid for this review, nor did I receive a bottle in exchange for an article. I am simply a consumer and want to highly recommend this company. 

I know that people take this for many different uses and I am also not medically qualified to discuss illness, dosage or recommendations. I do know however, that for a feeling of overall well being without side-effects, less anxiety and better sleep quality then I personally recommend it. I think the price is reasonable for good quality products. 

The Original Alternative is a small, dedicated and altruistic company who began our venture through the love of helping people. Our motto has and always will be ‘Health over Wealth’ and we continue to attribute our success to our passion, love and belief in the benefits of cannabis.

Starting out operating as a small mail order service from a cold single car garage, we have grown from strength to strength and with the continued support of our ever expanding customer base, we are now officially the longest trading CBD company in the UK.

We only source ethically grown- full spectrum CBD extracts, at the lowest price available, in order to provide our customers with the best value for money possible. 

Take a look at the website and you can rest assured that you are buying a product that works – they also have a dedicated helpline if you have any questions. It seems to be a very competitive industry when it comes to product sales but this company, as you can see in the excerpt above, have lasted and are continuing to thrive. 

You can purchase samples of the oil at a reduced price – the image is of a sample bottle. 

We would appreciate any feedback in the comment section. 













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