Autism Isn’t Something That Should Be Shrugged Off

For those that don’t know me, my son is currently going through a diagnosis of autism. He’s been struggling with his development since he started preschool, and I really hate the stigma against children (or even adults) that have autism.

Autism is a condition that is normally picked up early on in childhood and presents difficulties for the person like speech development, engaging in proper relationships and within understanding.

I’ve written a post on my personal blog, from a time where I was really irritated with how people perceived the illness. Often, illnesses like these are shrugged off by people who are too fucking ignorant to open their minds a little and see that some people struggle, through no fault of their own. It’s also labeled as ‘bad parenting’ sometimes. If you’ve experienced these kinds of comments, kindly go and tell them to swivel because quite frankly, they’re not people you want around you or your children.


It’s recently come to my attention through Zak’s school that even some of his teachers think it’s a joke. I am very passionate about mental health, and not just for Zak, for myself too. I lost my best friend six years ago, and as you all know, we have lost many celebrities over the last few years due to depression. I have suffered from anxiety and depression, and I’m still battling it now.

Understandably, I want the best for Zak. I want to give him everything he needs to succeed in life and be happy with who he is. I have had “professional people,” tell me that it’s unlikely he will have any friends, which upsets me. Yet, when I see him playing at school he doesn’t seem to suffer. Children don’t see things like that.


Just because you can’t see mental health, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Also, just because you have never felt it yourself, it doesn’t mean the way that person is experiencing things is wrong. Let’s try and open our minds and understand these illnesses.

Zak is literally the strongest person I know. I see him fight daily battles with himself and overcome them like a real trooper. He starts and finishes every day with a smile, and is always trying to improve himself to be a better person. He’s five. Why can’t we all be like that?

Do you or any children suffer from autism? How do you deal with people that can’t see how much it affects your life?


  1. Katie Harmer says:

    My niece and nephew both have Autism. They both present in different ways and respond in very different manners. There is a lack of understanding where people make judgements because they have had no personal experience of Autism and of it’s many varied behaviours. Unless you have been around Autism or ADHD, or it’s many varied forms on the spectrum, you cannot appreciate how challenging everyday life is for these children. It is not the parents lack of skills, these children are crying out to be heard and understood and find ordinary life very difficult indeed. Some of these kids cannot respond to demands even if they want to because the way their brains are wired, they cannot take action. My sister suffers with mental health problems herself, which have been a battle for her because her children are so mentally and physically demanding. My heart goes out for all parents and loved ones who care for those on the Autistic Spectrum.

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