Allergy must-buys for mums!

A few months ago my toddler was diagnosed with environmental allergies although we aren’t 100% sure what the triggers are. The Doctor was reluctant to refer my toddler for any specialist advice at this stage but she did give us a prescription for anti-histamine. Obviously, as a very concerned parent, I panicked and went and did what all concerned parents do – I took to google to look for answers! Facing the prospect of using an antihistamine frequently, I was naturally concerned about the side effects on such a small child.

Initially, my daughter reacted to the anti-histamine by getting very excitable and was unable to sleep, however, the shiny purple eyes did go down and she could breathe more easily. We have had to persevere with the anti-histamine for her sake. Over time the excitability and hyperactivity displayed has gone. In fact, quite the opposite now, the medicine seems to relax her a little and in some cases send her to sleep.

What has made a massive difference to our life though, has been a fantastic vacuum cleaner and an air purifier – something that I had actually never heard of until I started taking a look around the allergy forums. These items have enabled us to use the anti-histamine much less frequently and ensure that my little girl gets a good nights sleep. Coughing would keep her awake all night and it was really upsetting to listen to. We worked out that one of her triggers is dust!


I invested in a very good Miele C3 Allergy vacuum cleaner which was completely within my price range and seemed like a must-buy! It was! It is brilliant and I have to be honest I would have paid twice as much!

After being an avid Dyson user I was reluctant to deviate from this as Dyson are a very strong brand and also, seem to last forever.  When my new cleaner arrived I was excited (tragic, I know) to get it out of the box and use all of the attachments – of which there are several. I was hesitant initially because it is a bagged cleaner and this put me off but it is so easy and you don’t get the nasty hoover smell you get after a few years of use. It is very compact, so easy to lift if you have health problems and easy to store.  After hoovering the rooms smell so much fresher and there is an attachment for doing the window sills, around the door frames and on fiddly things such as the television and mirrors.

This vacuum cleaner ensures that all the dust remains in the bag, unlike cylinder cleaners that allow alot of this dust to escape when emptying. I noticed myself when I used to empty my cylinder cleaner, that the dust would choke me and make me cough. There is no problem now, I simply open a sealed compartment, remove the bag and replace.

My daughter does not cough or splutter now when we vacuum and even my husband was pleasantly surprised and excited to use it – this has now completely worn off!!!


The Vax Air Purifier that I bought is simply amazing. You just plug it in and turn it to the setting that you want and wait whilst the purifier removes any dust and smells for the room. We use this in our daughter’s room at night and she does not cough when it is on. It covers quite a big area and it sucks it all in and just expels lovely clean purified air. We often use it in different rooms during the day, such as in the living room when nappy changing! Or in the kitchen after cooking spaghetti bolognese and other meals that tend to leave a strong odour. It removes the smells very quickly.

When we know we will be out of the house for many hours, we turn it on in the hall downstairs and we come home to lovely fresh air. It is portable so can be carried around with ease.

If it wasn’t for this device, we know that we would be medicating a lot more and my daughter would still be suffering heavily with the effects.

Anyone with a child with asthma or other environmental allergies needs to really consider purchasing an Air Purifier!

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